Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Tehelka Exposes Butchers of Gujarat Massacres. Is it Time to Account for 1984 Sikh Pogroms?

This amazing bit of investigative journalism, a spycam taping of conversations with leaders from the Bajrang Dal, etc. (right-wing Hindu fascist organizations) details the killings of Muslims and the planning behind the "spontaneous" outburst of popular anger, so common in India. The accounts are sickeningly similar to the "spontaneous" outburst of popular anger that led to the massacre of thousands of Sikhs in 1984. Except, both the killings of Sikhs in 1984 and Muslims in 2002 were carried out in a planned manner, with the support and knowledge of elected Indian officials, and facilitated by the law enforcement apparatus.

As expected, India (the so-called 'largest democracy in the world') and its ruling Congress party remain unaffected by these revelations. Elections in Gujarat are one week away. Will this have an impact? It could, if enough of us bring this to light. Amy Goodman interviewed Tarun Tejpal, the editor-in-chief of on Democracy Now! and the interview aired this morning. The story has made the independent source of news in the US. Can we help bring it to the mainstream sources?

Please watch the videos and pass on the information to as many people as you can.